How Long Does Mobile Deposit Take?

Check that you’re using your banking app’s mobile check deposit feature correctly to avoid any delays. Small details could delay your check from getting to your account. 

Here are some common reasons why your funds could be delayed when depositing a check online. 

The wrong type of check: Some banks don’t accept third-party checks, money orders, or checks from foreign countries. The mobile deposit feature shouldn’t accept checks that aren’t supported. If you are able to submit a check that your institution doesn’t accept, the funds will likely not be made available to you, and you’ll need to deposit the money another way.

Limits on mobile check deposit daily amounts: Make sure there’s no daily or monthly limit for mobile check deposit amounts. You might face delays with checks for larger amounts if your bank has a maximum daily deposit limit.

Incorrect amount listed: Another issue that could delay access to your funds is indicating an amount that doesn’t match the check amount.

Let’s say you have a check for $567 that you’d like to deposit through the mobile app. When filling out the mobile check deposit request form, you accidentally enter a check amount of $577. The app may automatically detect that this is incorrect and prompt you to change the amount you listed. Or, it could cause a delay in accessing your funds since the numbers don’t match.

No endorsement: You must endorse your check by signing the back of it before attempting a mobile check deposit. Some banks may also require that you add a phrase like “for mobile deposit only” underneath your signature. 

Check your institution’s requirements for mobile check deposits in advance to ensure you can use the mobile app feature for your check. 

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