Emmerdale airs the aftermath of Al's death

Emmerdale airs the aftermath of Al’s death

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Cain and Chas Dingle have made a deal to cover up the cause of Al’s death Emmerdale.

This week, Cain has been arrested on suspicion of killing Al because he shot his rival dead after discovering his secret affair with Chas.

Wednesday’s episode opened with Cain on the phone from prison telling Moira he wasn’t going down without a visit.

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“You have to prepare the kids for me not being there,” he told a heartbroken Moira.

Back at the Dingles, Paddy couldn’t figure out why Cain killed Al now after all the chances he had before. Chas sat furious and still hadn’t admitted anything about her affair with Al.

“There’s a woman grieving, who has to wake up every day without the man she loved,” Chas snapped back as the Dingles speculated.

Before he hung up, Chas snapped out of it, telling them: “Poor Kerry must be in pieces.”

Chas headed to the prison to visit Cain – this would be their first opportunity to discuss both the shooting and Cain discovering her affair.


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“Don’t you dare sit there and judge me,” Cain demanded.

Chas threw back in her brother’s face that he had encouraged her to do whatever she needed to do to get through Faith’s death º and what she needed was to be with Al, she claimed.

“I ended it many times but then I found out you and Moira betrayed me. This is all on you,” Chas shot back.

However, the siblings made a discovery when Cain mentioned that Paddy never had to find out what Chas had been doing behind his back with Al.

“If I don’t tell Paddy about the affair, it will never be made public, and there’s nothing more to attach to you,” Chas told him.

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When Chas brought up that Aaron could be a wild card because he knew about the deal, Cain promised he wouldn’t talk. Cain also discarded the burner phone Chas was using and Al’s device as well.

“Al’s gone, I’m talking about now, Chas,” he insisted. “There’s a reason you didn’t tell anyone about your affair because it was shocking, shameful and all that still stands.

“But we bury it. I never breathe a word to anyone and your secret dies with him.”

Cain demanded an answer, and Chas finally relented by telling him, “I’ll do what you want, but I’ll never forgive you.”

Will Cain be able to beat the rap?

Emmerdale broadcast on weekday evenings at 19.30 on ITV and streamed on ITV Hub.

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