Would you convert your bike to an e-bike with the Livall PikaBoost? Plus more tech news from Rapha, Brompton, Selle Italia, Zefal, MAAP & more

Would you convert your bike to an electric bike with Livall PikaBoost? Plus more tech news from Rapha, Brompton, Selle Italia, Zefal, MAAP and more

We’ve got a versatile tech of the week for you today – there’s fun for the whole family with new apparel from Rapha and MAAP, some crazy gravel wheels from Syncros and an NFT-validated carbon bike that’s got us scratching our heads.

However, we start with an e-bike conversion kit that has smashed its crowdfunding goal within days…

Would you convert your bike to an electric bike with Livall PikaBoost?

The Livall PikaBoost, which promises to convert any bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds, has smashed its Kickstarter goal, reaching 2,600% of its funding goal with over a month to go.

PikaBoost is an integrated design with a 234Wh battery, 250W motor and controller in a 3kg unit. It is mounted tool-free on your bicycle’s seat post and provides drive via a wheel that runs on the rear tire.

“Our team has put a lot of effort into making the PikaBoost drivability better in all terrains,” says Livall. “This includes incorporating a self-locking mechanism to avoid loosening due to vibration, and an elastic mechanism to avoid minor slack that could cause the product to fall off.

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“With the built-in two-axis linear Hall sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and PikaBoost’s exclusive attitude algorithm, under the control of the MCU [microcontroller unit]PikaBoost can detect the bike’s speed and attitude in real time, judge whether it is riding uphill, downhill or on the flat road, and whether there is a trend of acceleration or deceleration, and dynamically adjust the motor’s output to match speed, to provide a smooth transition when the speed change or keep the bike at a constant driving speed.”

Livall says the PikaBoost has a range of up to 18 miles in full electric assist mode – there are three modes – although you can buy an extra battery compartment with spare batteries to double the range.

Will the design eat through the rear tires? Livall says the wear and tear caused by the PikaBoost’s wheels is less than that caused by the tire’s contact with the road. Obviously, since the tire is still in contact with the road, it can therefore be expected to accelerate tire wear.

And is it legal?

“We will strictly follow the legal rules while simplifying everything for you,” says Livall. “You can select the region you are in and PikaBoost will automatically adjust the maximum speed of the assistance.”

It sounds like you can override it. The PikaBoost app allows you to set the maximum speed yourself up to 21 mph.

It’s hardly the most subtle design but what do you think? 1,700 people have already backed the project on Kickstarter.

The Livall PikaBoost will retail for US$599 (approx £510) although you can get in line for one by pledging as little as US$299 (approx £255) on Kickstarter. As we always point out with all things crowdfunding, rewards – including finished products – are not guaranteed.

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Rapha releases the Brevet Insulated Gore-Tex Infinium Jersey

Rapha – who must get some kind of award for appearing in practically every one Technology of the week – has introduced a new Brevet Insulated Long Sleeve Gore-Tex Infinium Jersey designed for long distance riders.

2022 Rapha Brevet Insulated Gore-Tex Infinium Jersey Men - 1

Rapha says the jersey “provides proper weather protection in changing conditions [and] comfort all day when you cycle from dawn to dusk”. It also says the jersey provides “jacket-like protection without the bulk of a third layer”.

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The Gore-Tex Infinium fabric is designed to be windproof and breathable, and it’s waterproof rather than waterproof. You can get the full story from Gore here.

2022 Rapha Brevet Insulated Gore-Tex Infinium Jersey Ladies - 1

You get sweat-wicking insulation in key areas, a high-stretch outer for a tight fit and reflective details on the chest, armband and lower back. In addition to the usual three back pockets, there are two hidden front pockets for travel items.

The Rapha Brevet Insulated Gore-Tex Infinium Jersey is available for both men and women in different colors. It costs £240 and we have one on the road being tested as we speak.

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Brompton is fine-tuning the range and introducing new colors for 2023

Folding bike brand Brompton has updated the colors of its C Line, Electric C Line and A-Line bike ranges for 2023. Brompton is also introducing black components to the entire range.

2023 Brompton Matcha Green - 1

The Electric C Line will be available in all the same colors as the C Line for the first time: a series of eight colors, including the new Matcha Green shown above.

The new range is also simplified, with the C Line only available in Urban (2-speed) and Explore (6-speed), with the Utility option (3-speed) phased out.

Read our review of the Brompton P Line Urban 2022

The P Line and Electric P Line remain available in Storm Gray and Midnight Black while the A Line changes slightly from gloss white to…white.

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MAAP updates Training Collection

Aussie brand MAAP has added new cycling clothing to its range, refreshed existing products and also expanded its cross training and lifestyle range.

2022 MAAP Training Winter Jacket - 2

For example, one of the latest releases is the MAAP Training Winter Jacket (£230, available in men’s and women’s sizes). This uses a Drytex membrane to ward off wind and rain and is combined with a fleece lining for warmth. A 4-way stretch fabric is designed to offer freedom of movement.

2022 MAAP Training Crew - 1

For use off the bike, MAAP introduces Training Sweat Shorts (£80), Training Crews (£120) and an Odour-Resistant Training Shirt (£80).

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“An NFT validated carbon bike”, you say?

“3D printing brand Avero has partnered with Animoca Brands to produce a line of custom carbon bikes inspired by and decorated with individually owned NFTs [non-fungible token] artwork.”

You what?!?

2022 Avero x Animoca Brands NFT - 1

This is what we have been told by the two brands concerned. NFTs are unique digital goods, like digital art. But hasn’t the world already decided that NFTs were a bit, you know… junk? Bloomberg reported in September that NFT trading was down 97% since January.

NFT digital image of the Colnago bike sells for $8,600

Avero is the brand that worked with Superstrata on the 3D printed unibody bikes that we first told you about when they appeared on Indiegogo a couple of years ago. We then reported last year that many slopes were still bikeless and that the bike on the way looked a far cry from the sleek prototype originally shown.

Animoca Brands says its partnership with Arevo makes it possible to link physical goods with unique digital goods.

Arevo x Animoca Brands NFT validated carbon bikes are expected to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2023. Bet you can’t wait. Any chance we’ll review one on road.cc? Thin.

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Are these really the craziest dirt bikes out there?

Serial bike and component unloader Gustav Gullholm, known as Dangerholm on Instagram, has shown off these Syncros Silverton SL Gravel Wheels, calling them “some of the craziest gravel wheels around.”

Silverton SL mountain bike wheels for mountain bikes are already in the Syncros range with the hub shell, spokes and rim cast as one piece. Syncros says this allows it to produce one of the lightest wheelsets on the market (the 29in version with 30mm inner width has a claimed weight of 1,280g).

It also says that the torsional and lateral stiffness and the low inertia translate into faster acceleration and better handling.

The picture shows a prototype of the Silverton SL Gravel wheel. Will it ever see full production? While we don’t know for sure, we don’t see why not and if the mountain bike versions are anything to go by, these could very well appear in our best road bike and dirt bike wheels for buyers shortly!

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Speaking of Dangerholm…

2023 Scott Foil Dangerholm - 1

…We got a chance to check out a couple of his lightened-up-to-the-max bikes at Rouleur Live last weekend (including a Scott Contessa Addict that you can see here).

2023 Scott Foil Dangerholm - 2

We told you about his Scott Foil last month but the version shown in London was fitted with a different 3D printed titanium chainset from Sturdy.

Those six-spoke Bike Ahead Composites Biturbo Aero wheels – German, of course – cost €3,699, by the way. That’s about 3,200 pounds.

These Bianchi Oltre RC air deflectors, part 76

We got the chance to check out the Bianchi Oltre RC Air Deflectors in person for the first time at Rouleur Live as well. You may remember that they were announced when the Oltre RC was launched last month, but they will not be allowed in UCI-sanctioned races. They have sparked much debate in their short history.

2023 Bianchi Air Deflectors - 1

Get up close and you can see that each air deflector is simply an additional component attached to the main tube with two bolts. Removal would take seconds, Arkea Samsic mechanics rejoice!

Bianchi presents a radical new Oltre road bike with ‘Air Deflector’ aero tech

2023 Bianchi RC139 Carbon Air Saddle - 1

We were equally interested in Bianchi’s new RC139 Carbon Air saddle, which features a 3D-printed pad and weighs just 168g. 3D printed saddles are taking over the world. Read our review of the Specialized Power Pro with mirror for example.

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Selle Italia offers gravel saddles in new colors

What are you saying? Want more Blue Granite and Mud Brown in cycling? This is your lucky day because Selle Italia is now offering gravel saddles in its Flite, SLR and Novus families in these two new colors.

2022 Selle Italia Flite Boost Gravel - 1

The three gravel saddles are equipped with Selle Italia’s shock absorption system between the rail and the shell designed to absorb micro-vibrations. The Flite Boost Gravel (above) and SLR Boost Gravel (below, both £210.92) also feature gel padding, while the Novus Boost Evo Gravel (£114.59) features what is defined as Extra Padding, intended to offer comfort during long rides.

Check out the best bike saddles for 2022 here

2022 Selle Italia SLR Boost Gravel - 1

The gravel versions of the SLR Boost and Flite Boost are available with a TI 316 rail in two sizes, while the Novus Boost Evo Gravel is available with a manganese rail in just one.

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Zefal introduces new Z Adventure Aero bike pack bags

Zefal has introduced new Z Adventure Aero F8 and F12 waterproof front bags that fit aero bars for ultra cycling and bikepacking. The figures refer to the volume in litres.

2022 Zefal Z Adventure Aero - 1

The Z Adventure Aero bags are made from tear-resistant 420D polyester TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with welded seams and a roll closure. Each has a maximum load of 3.5 kg.

Check out our review of the Zefal Z Adventure R5 Waterproof Saddlebag

“The large capacity allows you to carry light and bulky items, such as your bivouac gear or spare clothes,” says Zefal. “They are easy to install and remove thanks to the self-gripping straps. They also have reflective strips for better visibility at night.”

We don’t have UK prices yet, but as a guide the F8 is €54.95 and the F12 is €59.95.

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In case you missed it earlier this week…

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