Is this the future of mudguards? Five cool things coming soon from Ass Savers, Specialized, Prime, Magene and Bell

Is this the future of mudguards? Five cool things coming soon from Ass Savers, Specialized, Prime, Magene and Bell

This week’s highlights include bike packing gear, a bike radar light and a new Bell helmet. There’s also the latest version of the Prime Baroudeur wheels (will they get another 10/10 like last time?) and Ass Saver’s new Win-Wing mudguard which it claims will offer all the benefits of a much heavier design. As always, expect full reviews to be posted on the site in the coming days and weeks…

Specialized/Fjallraven Seatbag Harness


Specialized has teamed up with Fjällräven to offer a huge range of bikepacking and adventure gear, and we’ve got a whole heap of it on test. This seat bag promises 10 or 16 liters of load capacity depending on which drybag is chosen, and Specialized says its compact size (45 x 11 x 20cm) makes it compatible with most frames and wheelbases.

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2022 Specialized-Fjallraven Seatbag Harness - detail 1.jpg

The beanbag claims impressive durability thanks to the vinylon panels and aluminum frame. Other features include quick release Camlock buckles, reflective details to increase visibility in low light and customizable fixtures. Hollis Jones has hauled all kinds of cargo with this one, and his full verdict is coming soon…

Prime Baroudeur V2 Disc aluminum wheelset


2022 Prime Baroudeur V2 Disc Alloy Wheelset.jpg

You’re probably sick of us talking about how good an upgraded wheelset can feel compared to stock frames, but it’s something we think is worth repeating!

Prime has high ambitions to be the value brand for components and wheel upgrades, and these latest Baroudeur rims epitomize that. In fact, it was the first generation of Baroudeur wheels to score an illusive 10/10. In times of rising prices, we’re impressed to see the second generation retain the £249.99 price tag.

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2022 Prime Baroudeur V2 Disc Alloy Wheelset - Rear Hub 1.jpg

Prime says it has added its ratchet technology to the 26mm deep, 19mm internal rims and continues to offer a long list of replacement parts to keep these wheels running for years to come. John Stevenson has put the miles on these and his full review will be on the site in the coming weeks.

Magene L508 Radar tail light


2022 Magene L508 Radar Tail Light.jpg

In recent years, many of us have become accustomed to rear radar systems on bicycles, and often these are now integrated into a rear light. Magene’s offering, the catchily named L508, comes in significantly cheaper than the compatible Garmin Varia (£169.99), offers a 40-degree detection angle and has a range of 140m.

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2022 Magicshine Magene SEEMEE 508 Radar Backlight Safety Light - side.jpg

Magene doesn’t cut corners when it comes to modes and functionality either. There’s a smart braking feature, platoon mode for group driving and a claimed 220-degree field of view.

The new device is compatible with Magene’s own cycling computers as well as Wahoo, Garmin and Bryton units. Dave has been out and about using this system… will the IPX7 waterproof rating and up to 12 hour battery life work?

Bell XR spherical road helmet


2022 Bell XR Spherical Road Helmet.jpg

Bell helmets first appeared on the scene in 1954 and since then have been responsible for some of the best cycling helmets to hit the market. That said, the brand has been a bit quiet on the road scene in recent years and aims to change all that with this new XR Spherical. For anyone looking for something that isn’t quite as out there as this light blue thing, Bell also offers the helmet in black, white and a rather nice “Gloss Titanium”.

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2022 Bell XR Spherical Road Helmet - back.jpg

The new helmet is designed for more than just road riding, with Mips technology that claims to protect against rotational forces. Like many of the latest helmets, this one uses a dual density EPS construction.

George Hill has used this cap to find out if it can really balance sweat management, ventilation and weight to mix it up with the best.

Ass Savers Win Wing Road


2022 Ass Savers Win Wing Road.jpg

Ass Savers has been the minimalist mudguard since 2012; so if past success is anything to go by, we should take note of this new model.

The new mudguard, called “Win Wing”, is really light, with this road version weighing just 64g. For those who use wider tires, Ass-savers also offers a gravel version.

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2022 Ass Savers Win Wing Road - Stay Strap 1.jpg

Despite its light weight, Ass Savers claims it provides all the benefits of full fenders without the pinching or rattling. We’re not yet convinced that the person riding behind will agree, but John Stevenson has used the rubber straps to attach the Win Wing to his place stops and will let us know if it’s something we should all go out and buy very soon….

For all the latest test reports, go to our review section. If you want more advice before you splash the cash, check out our buyer’s guides.

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