Would you prefer "Super Mario Odyssey 2" or a brand new 3D Mario?

Would you prefer “Super Mario Odyssey 2” or a brand new 3D Mario?

Do you prefer a Mario Odyssey 2, or a brand new Mario game?

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Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

Whenever a new Mario game is on the horizon, I always find myself wanting something brand new, because I just think that’s where Nintendo shines brightest. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Super Mario Galaxy 2, but even when that game was announced I felt a slight twinge of disappointment that it was pretty much “more of the same”.

With whatever Nintendo is up to, I hope it’s something we haven’t seen yet from a Mario title. Heck, maybe Nintendo could dive into multi-dimensional stuff, like that Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse? I know people are a little over the whole multi-verse thing, but I think it could work really well with a Mario game, with different art styles and game mechanics being used. Come on, Nintendo!

Alana Hagues, staff writer

It’s hard for me to say – I love the ingenuity that each new 3D Mario game brings, but Super Mario Odyssey really hit the spot with its perfect movement, gorgeous level design and outstanding music. Predict where 3D Mario will go after he has been to the beach, space and literally everywhere including the moon… the idea that Nintendo could go further than that is astounding.

I just want to see Yoshi return to a real Mario game

So I think I would like to see something new! I don’t know what it is. I see Ollie has a similar idea, but maybe some multiverse type deal where Mario has to play through different worlds or levels based on other Nintendo properties? You know you want to see Mario with Samus’ arm cannon… But honestly, I just want to see Yoshi return to a real Mario game, just like in Galaxy 2, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario World. Have the plumber team up with his dino friend for more than just one level!

Jim Norman, staff writer

I’ll be honest, if Nintendo made the tiniest, tiniest tweak to Super Mario Odyssey and then slapped a second on the cover before selling it full price, I’d buy right away and not feel ripped off in the slightest. I beloved Mario Odyssey and really, I’d feel a little disappointed if Nintendo immediately moved on to another idea. Playing Odyssey was kind of like playing Galaxy – I finished and I wanted more. Not similar mechanics in a different setting, just more of the same. Please.

To be clear, I’m super excited for Mario and I know if Nintendo were to cook up a whole new 3D franchise I’d be totally on board. But Odyssey seems like too good an idea to pass up entirely. Not yet, at least.

Gavin Lane, Editor

Considering how brilliant Galaxy 2 turned out, I’d definitely be up for another outing in the big flying hat. There was a ton of enthusiasm for a Bowser’s Fury-style open-world Mario game after 3D World came to the Switch, and while I’m not against it, I’m also not yet convinced that a massive open world is the best fit for Mario’s playground antics.

The multiverse ideas Ollie and Alana mentioned could be fun. The mix of art styles in the first Odyssey already felt to some extent like a metaverse mash-up. Who wouldn’t want to see Mario face alternate versions of himself – ones we’ve seen before or completely new versions? It might get tiresome in theaters, but I have no doubt that Nintendo can come up with a winning version of multiple Marios. Call it “Mario 128” and Nintendo fanatics the world over would explode.

If Nintendo took the Odyssey 2 route à la Galaxy 2, where would you like to see Mario travel to this time?

Mario 02
Image: Nintendo

Alana: You could easily pick another 17 different kingdoms with standard themes and be happy with that – although I don’t know if Nintendo could ever top Forest Kingdom or Metro Kingdom. But let’s throw two themes out there.

One: time travel. Mario could travel through time and visit places like ancient Greece, Egypt (even the Sand Kingdom May fill that gap), the industrial revolution and some space station in the future.

The other one? Super Mario Odyssey 2 is a remake of Mario is Missing, sort of. Visit different real countries with levels around them. Look, if Mario can go kart around Tokyo or Sydney in Mario Kart Tour, he can have an entire platformer in real places. I’m totally serious.

Ollie: Honestly, after seeing the teaser poster and trailer for Super Mario Bros. Film, I would love to see Mario explore a large, densely populated Mushroom Kingdom. We’ve seen the region represented a lot – even in the first Super Mario Odyssey – but it’s always felt a little bare, in my opinion. There is still a lot to do, but give us shops, nightlife, suburbs; make Mushroom Kingdom actually feels like a real place!

If I can’t have that, then give me something based on Rome. I love me some Rome.

Gavin: I’d like to see Nintendo really lean into the mix of art styles from the first game, where Mario ended up in really surreal spaces. I’d love Mario to visit an impressionistic Van Gogh world in 3D, like that one level in New Super Mario Bros. U, or Picasso Kingdom, maybe. Piet Mondrian Mountain.

I was constantly amazed at how the first game blended such different styles into a cohesive whole, so pushing it to the absolute extreme would be fascinating.

Imagine watching Mario make his way through Hyrule, or wreak havoc in Pallet Town.

Jim: As long as there is at least one kingdom that has the visual style that The Super Mario Bros. Movie, with Charles Martinet out for Chris Pratt, I’ll be happy. What can I say? Some men just want to watch the world burn.

I’m kidding (sort of). What I’d really love to see – and this ties into Alana’s answer in the previous question – is Nintendo allowing a good bit of cross-franchise play. I was talking to a friend recently who said how much he likes Nintendo’s ability to collect all of their franchises (Smash Bros., Mario Kart, etc.) and I have to agree. Imagine watching Mario make his way through Hyrule, or wreak havoc in Pallet Town. Yes, I would constantly be like that Leonardo DiCaprio meme and point out every little reference I saw on screen; but it would surely make me, and many others out there, a very happy little fan.

Will Cappy return?

Mario 03
Image: Nintendo Life

Ollie: Sure why not! Cappy’s functionality feels like it could be one of Mario’s base moves; it’s nothing so over the top that it can only make sense in a game. Something like FLUDD, on the other hand, makes sense in Super Mario Sunshine’s tropical setting, but I can’t imagine such equipment being used somewhere like Cloud Kingdom, for example. That said, I’d love to see FLUDD make a big return, even if it’s just for a level or two.

Mario throws a shoe in Odyssey 2. Calling it now.

Alana: If we are talking Odyssey 2, then I think Cappy have to be there. It’s not Odyssey but Cappy and the plethora of movement options he gives you, or the ability to possess different items or creatures. Odyssey 2 would obviously bring us tons of new creatures and some new Cappy abilities.

If it’s not Odyssey 2… I’ll miss him. I do not know how Nintendo will top Odyssey’s movement. I think Cappy will get a cameo or a mention somewhere regardless, but he’s been a favorite of mine since the original Odyssey was released.

Jim: No Cappy, no sequel. I am deadly serious. I always thought that calling Odyssey a multiplayer game was one bit by a stretch, but Cappy has become such a big part of what I want from a modern Mario title now that I feel like he’s crucial to what comes next.

The way around this is to start over with a whole new franchise – maybe with one Cappy did not survive the harsh winter title card to kick it off – but if I haven’t done it by now, I would really as another Odyssey post before we abandon it forever.

Gavin: Cappy gets a courtesy cameo, but Mario throws a shoe in Odyssey 2. Two shoes, actually. And the two in the logo will somehow resemble a pair of shoes. It’s ringing now.

Do you think we’ll see the next 3D Mario game — Odyssey 2 or otherwise — on the Switch or future Nintendo hardware?

Mario 04
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

Ollie: I’m convinced – almost uncomfortably – that we’ll see a Mario game launch when the movie is released. I don’t think it’s going to be a tie-in game or anything like that, it’s going to be its own thing, but I think Nintendo would be stupid not to capitalize on what will no doubt be an insanely popular movie . Just imagine if a trailer for the game appeared before the movie in theaters; the kids will go crazy for it!

I’m confident we’ll see a Mario game launch when the movie is released

Alana: While I guess we’ll see something Mario related close to the movie, I’m less sure it will be a big game. We’ve already had Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on Switch, but I can see another port or remake — funnily enough, Super Mario Galaxy 2 as DLC for Super Mario 3D All-Stars could be a thing, or maybe Chris Pratt’s amiibo skins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Or maybe this fan-made Unreal Engine game is actually a secret Nintendo project that was leaked.

But I can see Nintendo waiting to make a leap on their next console with a brand new Mario game, to be honest. Galaxy 2 came out just three years after the first Galaxy, and multiple mainline 3D Mario games on a Nintendo home console are rare, so I think Nintendo will hold off on it just a touch longer. My gut says it will either be cross-gen or next console.

Gavin: I’m with Alana on this one – Nintendo will have looked at how Odyssey gave the Switch a huge boost in its first year and will be saving the next game for new hardware in hopes of making a similar impact. I wouldn’t rule out cross-gen support, but Mario is a good way to boost new hardware sales, especially if Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom won’t coincide with a new hardware launch (which is still not impossible).

Jim: As and when the next 3D Mario game comes out, you know it’s going to be a big hit. Much like Breath of the Wild, Nintendo would be stupid only put it on a console, but I think it will come around the launch of whatever comes next – Switch Pro, 2, U, Deluxe or otherwise.

I’d love to think that Nintendo has the game ready to go up their sleeve and will knock it out in trailer form around the Mario movie, I really would, but we’re looking at five years of Switch now. Five years. Unless the announcement comes along with the next console, I can’t see Mario Odyssey 2: This Time It’s-A Personal (title pending) coming exclusively to Switch.

Whatever Nintendo comes up with for its next big Super Mario title, we’re confident it’ll be an absolute blast. Still, it’s nice to think about what it may or may not mean, right?

But now we would like to hear from you fine people; vote in the polls below and be sure to leave a comment about what you think Nintendo might come up with with its next Mario game.

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