All the PlayStation VR2 games Sony announced today, including The Dark Pictures Switchback

Today, Sony lifted the lid further on its PlayStation VR2 headset, revealing its February launch date and eye-watering £530 price tag.

Now we also have a closer look at some of the games that will be heading to this new virtual reality, including The Dark Pictures Anthology: Switchback VR, a spiritual successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Coming from Supermassive Games, Switchback sees players embark on the scariest roller coaster I’ve ever seen. It all takes place in the world of The Dark Pictures Anthology, with director Alejandro Arque Gallardo calling it “your own personal nightmare.” You can watch the trailer for this VR bloodfest below.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – Announce Trailer | PS VR2 games.

The other title announced was Crossfire: Sierra Squad. This first-person shooter comes from Smilegate and tasks users with “fighting a seemingly endless enemy force with high AI intelligence”.

There will be 39 different weapons for players to use in this release, including firearms and throwable items like grenades (so make sure you have plenty of room around you, you don’t want to accidentally overarm your favorite lampshade in the process).

Crossfire: Sierra Squad – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 games.

Third, Funktronic Labs revealed their upcoming PSVR2 game The Light Brigade. This roguelike will see players travel into the sunken world to venture through procedurally generated battlefields. These are of course filled with lurking enemies ready to strike you.

The developer promises “realistic physics-based gunplay” that will in turn create “tense, heart-pounding shootouts.” The Light Brigade will be available to pre-order from November 15th.

The Light Brigade – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 & PS VR games.

Next we have a non-violent and colorful message from Fast Travel Games. Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition, an adaptation of Cities: Skylines, will offer players the chance to build and manage “the city of [their] dreams”.

Cities VR – Enhanced Edition will launch alongside the PS VR2 set, with pre-orders starting on November 15.

Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 games.

Moving on, Owlchemy Labs welcomes us all to the “comically disastrous” Cosmonious High.

In this game, players will take on the role of the alien Prismi as they try to unravel the mysterious happenings of this most unusual of high schools. Cosmonious High will be available to pre-order from November 15th.

Cosmonious High – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 games.

From adorable to creepy, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue will also be making its way to PS VR2 in the future.

“Mr. Peterson’s spooky house takes a new level of immersion in VR, and there’s nothing quite as scary as actually seeing that familiar shadow tower over you right before everything fades to black,” reads the description. Errm, yes, this makes my skin go all goosebumpy. This game will have puzzles to solve, skills to master and mysteries to uncover. Oh, and there’s also the bit about your friend in the basement… Hey Neighbor: Search and Rescue will be available to pre-order from November 15th.

Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue – Reveal Teaser | PS VR2 & PS VR games.

Coatsink, meanwhile, has announced the Jurassic World Aftermath Collection. This collection combines both Part 1 and Part 2 into one neat, complete package.

There’s no trailer for this one, but the developer explained that this “passion project” will see players crash-land on Isla Nublar, where they then find themselves “trapped in an abandoned research facility.” Coatsink has promised that we will get more information about this release closer to launch (which will be sometime next year).

Smart girl.

Pistol Whip VR is next on the list. This is an enhanced version of the “award-winning physical action rhythm game” from Cloudhead Games. Here, players must “blast, duck and dodge” their way to glory.

“The new haptics allow you to relive Pistol Whip like never before,” noted designer Lucas Sitanski. “Feel the speed of a bullet in your head, the click when you reload your gun and more realistic vibrations when you shoot.”

Pistol Whip – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 games

Zenith: The Last City from Ramen VR is coming to PlayStation VR2 as a day one launch title. However, this won’t be like the VR Zenith you knew before.

The developer has included “hundreds of hours” of new content for this upcoming release, as well as added graphical updates and new characters. The upcoming PS VR2 version of Zenith will be free to download if you own the original PS VR game. Zenith: The Last City will be available to pre-order from November 15th.

Zenith: The Last City – Announce Trailer | PS VR2 games.

After the Fall was announced to be coming to PS VR2 as well. Developer Vertigo Games describes this game as an “intense” co-op shooter that takes players to a post-apocalyptic version of LA.

As with many post-apocalyptic versions of, well, anywhere, here you’ll find “hordes of mutants” that you’ll have to lay waste to. Vertigo Games has promised that they will support full cross-platform multiplayer on PS VR2, so players will still be able to get in and out with their peers on headsets like the Oculus Quest.

After the fall – closer look | PS VR2 games.

Finally, Tentacular has been confirmed for PS VR2. Coming from Firepunchd Games, this game sees players become a tentacle that has grown up among humans on the “vibrant and eccentric” island of La Kalma.

This physics-based adventure will let players help the island’s inhabitants as best they can (although this often looks quite unruly and gives me Octodad flashbacks). Firepunchd promises “a heartwarming story” with “lots of humor”. Tentacular will also be available to pre-order from November 15th.

Tentacular – Advertisement Trailer | PS VR2 games

And that’s your lot from today. Anything there that caught your eye?

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