Audible Discount: 4 Discounted Months!

Whoa! If you love listening to audiobooks, don’t miss this HOT Audible discount for Prime members! It’s so rare to see Audible deals like this! (Psst! Don’t forget about the FREE 2-month Kindle Unlimited Trial you can grab, too!)

Note: Only new customers eligible for a trial of Audible can take advantage of this deal.

Rare Audible Discount: Just $5.95/Month + Free $20 Credit!

WOW! If you’re a Prime member and you’ve never tried Audible before, you can currently get your first four months for just $5.95/month!! PLUS, through November 23rd, you’ll also get a FREE $20 bonus credit after signing up!

This is a super RARE deal! The regular price is $14.95/month, so that’s a savings of $9 per month — or a total of $36 savings over 4 months! Plus, the extra $20 credit gives you an extra money to purchase additional audiobooks on top of your other monthly credits!

Audible deals on books

What do you get with Audible?

Audible gives you access to unlimited streaming of thousands of audiobooks, access to exclusive sales, exclusive discounts off premium titles you want to buy, plus one credit for a FREE premium title each month.

That means you’ll get 4 Audiobook titles to keep with this deal PLUS an extra $20 credit to purchase at least one other additional audiobook! You’ll also get unlimited access to the streaming library of audiobooks. (Premium new-release Audible books can cost as much as $30, so to be able to download and keep four for $5.95/month is such an amazing deal!)

Note: After your first four discounted months, you’ll start being charged at the regular rate of $14.95 per month for Audible. If you no longer wish to continue after the first four months, just be sure to cancel auto-renewal in your account before then.

Valid through November 23, 2022.

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